The grown-ups’ Toy

Laying on bed, Claire asked me why she was growing so slowly. I understood her eagerness to have birthday party, since she thought that only for this special occasion we could buy her whatever she wanted.

“Why do you want to grow up. Being a child is lucky. Grown-ups have no toy, thus no fun.” I tried to change topics.

“That isn’t true !” exclaimed she, “you have so many wonderful toys, as Iphone.”

I was stunned.

“You are playing very well with iphone,” added she before falling asleep.

She was right. Didn’t she see me and her dad smiling unconsciously and constantly just because we were holding our phone? For how many times she asked me to play while I was totally busy with my facebook or wechat? How many parents focused their eyes on the screen instead of staring at their kids who were running at the playground.We even secretly bring the phone out and checked for interesting things at dinner time. In Claire’s eyes, my smartphone should be my perfect toy, because I never got bored with it. She couldn’t understand my addiction, but she really admired the power of smartphones.

I suddenly felt so guilty to let her this regrettable image. Toys are important for kids, but is our smartphone really important to us? Do we have so much fun playing with it, even it can replace the joy from playing with our kids?

“No, my sweaty, you are my best toy,” I hugged her and wished that she could hear that.


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