I can do it !

It is really good thing for us that Claire is getting healthier and healthier. She indeed benefits the clean air here, but the most important thing is she takes more outdoor exercise. In weekends, we take her to nearby parks, partly because our life isn’t as diversified as in Shanghai.

When we were in Shanghai, her grandparents took her to walk around or go scooting in the residence. We lived in a small apartment in a tall building. Most of the kids in the community were raised by grandparents who live in the same apartment or nearby. Like other elders, my parents in law took good care of Claire but always overprotected her. They didn’t want to make mistake, especially with the only child. So it was forbidden to climb high, neither to ride the scooter too fast. If Claire wanted to try, they would say that it appeared dangerous. Be safe and don’t get injured is the golden rule for kids.

Claire is shy. Sometimes we thought that it might not be her real nature. Besides, my husband and me we are both extravert persons. She is shy because in her early years, she was always told not to do this, not to do that. She was always sick. Being sick made her learn to keep herself safe.

But now it’s time to build her confidence, first and especially in sports.

The other day, in the part, a little boy was climbing a ladder, which was too high for his age. But he kept saying “I can do it”. His father was at one meter away.The boy unfortunately missed his last step. I was really frightened. He didn’t fall down but made himself stick to the ladder with two legs in the air. Two seconds later, he began to cry and his mom ran to him.

If it happened in our residence in Shanghai, parents or grandparents would not allow the boy to try this ladder again, at least within several weeks. Even I was not sure to let my child try again. However, after wiping his tears, the boy’s mom encouraged him to do it again. He hesitated a while before his climbing but his face showed his determination.

I walked towards under the ladder, thinking that in case of any incident, I could help. Claire let him to go first, staring at him on the bottom.

“I can do it,” his little face turned to me, showing me that it was not necessary to be there to help. He really succeeded this time. I could not keep myself from saying “good job”!

This accident made me think a lot. Now every time we go to park, I encourage Claire not to stick to the swing, but to try other facilities. I keep saying “you can do it” and “good job”, two sentences that I heard most frequently in her preschool. If she needs my help, I will be there.

Now, she laughs a lot in sports time.


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