I love you so much

I had no idea what caught Claire today, because she kept saying: “Mom, I love you so much.” For more than thirty times!

At first, I was moved and I hug her with the same words: “I love you too”. In our family, we don’t have the tradition to express by language our love to others, even for some special days. We hardly said “I love you” in our native language after the wedding. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just culture, as we are not so open. Maybe we thought that language was so artificial. Or maybe this sentence was so serious for us to use in daily life. We repeated our love to children, but it seems that every time when we said it, we hoped that it would have a big effect. For example, the fist day Claire went to school, when she was sick, etc.

Now she said I love you in English so frequently. Is it one of the natural phenomena of learning? Even I know here people tend to say I love you in their daily life, I still take these words seriously. So I asked her to stop when she had repeated about twenty times. I asked why but got no answer from her. Maybe she had a very happy day, because we went to the Children’s museum. Maybe she was weighing up this amazing sentence. Maybe she was just having fun in saying it.

Later in the afternoon, when she did a silly thing and I frowned my eyebrows, the same words pop out her mouth:”I love you so much, mom!” She was really certain about the power of this sentence, because she smiled innocently at me, believing that I would not be angry any more.

Do I love absolutely this kind of situation? On one hand, I like hearing sweat words and I should learn to say more I love you to her. But on the other hand, I’m afraid that after being repeated without limit, the magic and lovable sentence would become a routine greeting.

I love you so much, Claire. But I will show you, not only by saying it to you.


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