Hearty words

My favorite green silk dress was ruined by the drier. I brought it from China but haven’t worn it this summer. I held it in my hands and sighed, “what a pity!”

Claire saw it.

I was not very happy these days. My husband complained a lot about our financial pressure. We were not a rich family before moving to the new country and now all depends on his wage. Having spent a lot on rent, on Claire’s tuition and on all kinds of insurance, he was still anxious about the lack of money. Even now we still have our savings in the bank, the big amount of expense of the last four months became his first concern. At the beginning, I was optimist and really cool about this problem, considering that this tough period was temporary. But his nagging made me feel so guilty. I was planning to continue my studies, which means another financial investment. Although he didn’t say No to this plan, he wasn’t very supportive neither.

I was in the bath room washing a towel. Claire ran to me,”Mom, where did you buy that green dress  ?”

“What?” I was surprised.

“In China?”continued she.

“Yes.”I hadn’t figure out her intention because I was distracted.

She walked away. One minute later, she appeared again.”But I can buy you a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, OK?” She cheered up.

I hardly could control my emotion. I always believed that even when I was mad, I  didn’t  show any negative feelings in front of my daughter. I always smiled at her.But she grows up quickly and now she can easily peek and guess our feelings. She noticed my upset and she tried to figure out the reason.

“Thank you so much! OK, Mickey Mouse was awesome. ” I hugged her tightly.

Children always give us impetus. Their simple but hearty words are our heartiest and mightiest support. A dress was just a dress, the concern remains purely concern, but the love she shows me is the true life. How can I shadow her happiness !



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