Why so much verbal violence?

I have difficulty to tolerate the verbal violence which goes viral on social media. Every day, there are so many topics which can arouse the mass’s anger. Even it doesn’t concern one’s interest, showing the anger seems make people feel good, as if one has run for one hour and has swept a lot.

So when Australian swimmer Horton attacked Sun Yang as a “drug cheat” after winning the match, the most popular social media in China was exploded. Although Facebook and Instagram are censured, people found ways to get over the wall and refuted. Among the comments on Horton’s personal pages, most were personal attacks, witch revealed rather a pleasure of attack than a reasonable suggestion. The Olympic games seemed turn out to be an international war and the nationalism seemed have gained the pervasive favor.

However, when you check the situation seriously, it was so easy to attack someone on web, especially when you have a nick name which helps to hide your identity. Life is so boring in office and people need to have exciting issues to approve their existence. There is a hunger to express whatever. If we consider all these verbiage as real statements of people’s will, it would be definitely horrible. In this landscape, we only see hatred and fanaticism.

All topics can be, at a certain moment, the national’s big concern: corruption, pollution and moral fallacy…However, two days later, one month later, people have forgotten all the past controversial debate, because the actuality offers more fresh issues which allow the mass to let out their own barbarism.The same anger for different subjects. It’s so easy.

When you want to say something reasonable or have an opposing opinion, you will soon become the new object of attacks. You never know who is talking but if you are the dissent, people will soon know who you are. There are more who just enjoy this spectacle of violence and keep joking of both sides, as if they were watching a movie.

“It’s only verbal violence! Never mind!” suggested some, “the world is a soap drama, the most interesting and successful one.”

I said nothing but I’m disappointing and frustrated, because once we are familiar with violence, even it seems minor, we are letting the evil gain a little more place in our generous heart and nibble the kindness which is so hard to cultivate back.


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