Dear Reader

The little bell on the right-up corner is red: “You’ve made 50 posts and you’ve received 100 likes.” I feel thankful but not proud.

I never imagined who might read my blog, by accident or by following? I didn’t link this site to my Facebook account, neither informed my friends. Being anonymous is important, at least now, because I can feel free and open to the whole world. I can also forgive my English deficiency.

Dear Friend, if you are a real friend in my real life, you may generously touch “like” just in order to encourage me, sometimes even forgetting to read the words. You may discuss with me the topic and express your agreement or disagreement. You may hurry up to console me when you have smelled something wrong in my post. You may find out whether I lied on some details or concealed others. You may hope that one day I would write about our friendship… Dear Friend, but you, you will not.

Gustave Flaubert, my favorite writer, spent most of his life in solitude, justifying his grandeur by ignoring all readers. He was a pessimist, thus pitiful. However, by overlooking the profile of his potential reader, he could finally concentrate on his writing. In fact, he had a strong belief : There is someone who appreciates what I think and what I write.

It’s difficult to depict what is the reader’s role, although I have read a lot of literary criticism on this subject with labels of modernism or postmodernism.

For everyone that commits to write a post, there must be a desire to have one reader, whose presence is vital but not his comments.

You are that one! and Thank you !

I don’t know who you are, as you don’t know who I am. But we all know that words are powerful. When I write, I believe that writing can make me better. Or maybe, some day, my writing can make the world better. When you read me, I hope that your reading can make you happier and eventually better too. If it’s not this post which catches you, move on and you will find that One.

Just keep reading and keep loving to read.