Fabulous but terryfing Artificial Intelligence

We cannot deny that we were peered and followed every minute we use internet, with PC or smart phone. It seems that someone is recording your interests and tries to make your life easier. For example, Claire likes to watch videos of toy play. We don’t need to search the same kind of video for her, because You Tube always suggests the right things. It knows also where we live and offers our town’s commercial.¬† Besides, Facebook¬† seems to know my actual situation and does everything to enlarge my social community. This morning, I was searching furniture at an online store, yet using my computer. But when I checked my account Facebook on my smartphone, the same online store appeared as commercial suggestion.I was annoyed as if traced.

The more important function that we use frequently is the real-time location. It’s easy to check out where to eat when we are in a new place. We can rely on others’ experience via Yelp. In meantime, our daily whereabouts is recorded, even when our phone isn’t connected to the internet.

We live in an amazing time. Now, computer can learn. Google even developed a self-driving car, which may be more reliable than human. Deep learning makes computer smarter and smarter.

Yes, the development of artificial intelligence is surprising and even unbelievable. Human can take good advantage of it, especially when it comes to question of the discovery of the universe. But, what is horrible is that we are not sure to control it. The immediate problem is that we cannot control the use of our personal information.

In my city, all road cameras are turned off after a vote of residents. But it’s impossible to vote for deleting all our traces in internet.