Useless paper, Big use

I rarely skimmed commercial leaflets or prospectus after picking them up in the mail box. I just threw them in the big trash collector, which is luckily on my way between mailbox and home. Most of these papers contain only sale information from local supermarkets and groceries.  I supposed there was no interest to open them, because even the promotion design there was lack of originality : photos + prices.

Recently, I’m out of idea to make Claire’s day playful. School is over and camp hasn’t begun. Claire felt a little bored at home, since the day was long and the games were too familiar. Checking the mail box became her new hobby, because she had received letters or postcards from old friends. Today, noting was arrived except a pile of junk paper.

However, I took these colorful papers home. Claire hurried up to read them, as if they were letters or drawings. Certainly, she was disappointed: photos and prices. But I got an idea:”Let’s cut them off.” Being permitted to use scissors cheered Claire up.

It was a huge mission. We cut and put different images in categories: fruits, snacks, flowers, beverages. Then, we tried to make collages, using glue and big paper. By presenting various cakes and snacks, Claire showed me her party. We had a great time, as if we just bought them all from markets. There was cars’ advertisements in the junk pile. So we cut some luxurious cars and put some pets images besides them. Fresh fruits pictures, as watermelon and grapes, were put together to make a farm’s scene, which had a law mower in it. “That is an awesome tractor,” giggled Claire, who had no sens of the difference between the two machines.

Our collages were not perfect, since we put too many pictures together. But during the one hour, we were son busy and so excited with this recycling work. We may have other and better ideas next time, to make our creation presentable. For example, pick up a subject and choose more carefully relevant images. But at least, I will not mistreat theses leaflets or used magazines. Let’s collect and recycle them.

Everything can be reused and recycled in different purpose. For Children, Art is everywhere and it can be made from everything. The most encouraging point is they really think that Art is easy and joyful.