What is Family ?

“What is Family ?” This is a specific topic I saw on the wall of one classroom in Claire’s preschool. Under the question, there are many photos showing different family types.The variety surprised me: one photo shows a gay family with two kids; another a lesbian family with two kids; then an old man and a very young lady and their kids; a family of different races, black mom and white dad…In the meantime, I noticed that each family on the photos had at least two kids, usually one girl and one boy.

Children are naturally open to new ideas. In China, such kind of education in school could be politically wrong, even could arise parents’ disagreement or anger. But here, I think it’s a good step to prepare our kids to understand the real world.

But I’m a little upset about the idea of having more than two kids to make a perfect family image. It’s so common. Claire’s classmates all have siblings. For curiosity, I just typed the word”Family” on Google Images. The result was disappointing: one dad, one mon, one girl and one boy composing the majority of online photos or images.

However, the most important point those images showed me is that everyone is happy. Family should be a place where we feel comfortable and happy. Kids can easily understand this point. Family members are those who can make them happy, in spite of what kind of people they are.