Try always a different way

    One weekend, with a Chinese colleague of my husband, our family went visiting the Grand Canyon. Since my husband had visited it 5 years ago, he was proud of being our guide.

Nowadays, we don’t need to take a road map with us, due to our smart phone which tells us the ideal route and can direct the driver to the destination synchronically. It can even tell us the road condition immediately, as accidents, hazards, strange objects…

We were astonished when we first saw the huge “hole”. As my husband had told us, it was stunning. Especially you couldn’t feel its grandness through photos. Utile we walked along the rim, we didn’t realize how big and impressive it was. My husband tried to follow the same path and was eager to show us the magnificent scenic points, from which he took pictures years ago. But after walking ten minutes along the rim, I noticed a trail, which was recommended with a big panel. Since we didn’t do any guide work before this visit and that my husband just followed his colleagues last time, we had no idea of the difference between different trails. However, this trail, with its beautiful name Bright Angel Trail and marked as an icy one,  interested me so much that I insisted to go downhill.

We had no sufficient time but controversial opinions. Both became a little angry and accused the other stubborn. In my husband’s view, it was impossible to go to the bottom of the canyon within so little time and that the clime-up journey was just a waste of time. Besides, Claire could not afford the uphill climbing. His colleague did not dare express his opinion, having no interest in offense me. Perhaps my struggle to discover another way was considered as a lack of confidence in my husband and it made him embarrassed, especially in presence of his colleague.

Women always have the last word in family. Finally everybody followed me and we began to go down the trail. Although we did not reach the bottom, which may take more than 6 hours, we encountered great views and perspectives along the trail. My husband could not deny the truth that the recommendation on the panel was worthy.

In our life, we easily follow the routine or our former experiences. That’s the way to be safe and less risky. But sometimes, discovery demands more curiosity and bigger pleasure compensate our efforts.

On the way back home, we did not follow the route recommended by GoogleMap, because we had taken it. We tried an other route in spite of an extra hour that should be spent. We were finally thrilled to admire the beautiful mountain of Flagstaff whose top was still covered with snow.

Life is a journey. To make it a worthy one, do not be lazy. Be brave, Drive safe and Try different ways.