Vacation vacation vacation

It’s time to plan summer vacation. With the sunshine, pool, mountain easily accessible, why do we still need vacation? Because there are many better places to visit, such as the famous California beach? I wonder whether people living in California are looking forward to having summer vacation in an other place?

We traveled a lot, but took so little vacation. We traveled for work, for study, but when our brains were so busy with serious things, travel cannot be identified with vacation.Vacation means relax, kill time and let the body, especially the brain rest. Soaking up the sunshine on the beach or hiking in the forest are the two stereotypic summer dreams. We still stick to them.

More and more Chinese people spend money on vacation, especially in foreign countries. I believe tourism will be the most prosper fields for China in the future. Even ma mother, who live in a small town and not well educated, traveled a lot these years, due to the compensate policy of her company. But like most of people in her generation, she wants first take pictures with emblematic things. She told me that recently a town was built in my province who copied the most popular places of Beijing. “We don’t need to go Beijing anymore,” cheered she. Last time when we were in an island, enjoying the beach and hotel service, she commented that it was wasting time.”Why you stayed in hotel all the day?” asked she, having been to the same island. She believed that we should first visit the biggest status of Buddha in the city.”Not taking picture with that Buddha means that you haven’t been in the island!”

In fact, the most efficient way to rest is sleeping. To have a real break, I prefer to sleep 24 hours in a silent but cozy bed. However, we still need to go out. We need vacation. Besides, when others are taking vacation, you can easily be attracted by the trend. The vacation idea is tickling you. I know that summer will be very noisy in some tourist areas and that we will be exhausted by driving a long distance to the beach. Anyway, to have or not to have vacation is a big question.

So I still spent a lot of time in reserving hotels, with the hope that the idea of vacation will bring us much energy to a month’s work. Sometimes. it’s more beautiful to have the idea than to realize it. Dreaming and preparing the vacation may be the happiest thing in the summer.